July 2016

Short post

Howdy there, I love to do these posts and I love to take pics too, And this is todays post:D:D In this post I will talk about Phoebe a little bit Our dog loves to eat here food She loves if me and maddie take pics of her accept when it’s eating time. Thanks for
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This is a post about our Breakfast Mom makes the batter for the breakfast cookies. Can’t forget the juice:D:D Here are the breakfast cookies with oats, honey, bananas, and┬áchocolate chips. Thanks for reading:D:D:D:D  


This is a post about my baby brother, Maddox. Smiling is Maddox’s thing. But sometimes he gets cranky. And he likes to look around and he sees amazing sights. Thanks for reading:D:D:D

Hero Factory

In this post I am going to talk about some hero factory that me and micah made. These are the bad guys that like to fight the good guys which we will talk about later. These are the bad guys minions, They just follow the orders of their masters. Last but not least, The good
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This is a post about outdoors. Here’s a tomato from our garden This is a a windbell in our garden. This is a chicken coop that my dad, me, and micah made. This is a wild rabbit that comes in our yard every few weeks to eat some grass. Here’s two chickens eating some grass.
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First post

Hi there, These are pics of my baby brother, Maddox This is my sister, Maddie holding him. Here’s our dog, Phoebe. This is my other brother, Micah. That’s the end of my first post, Thank you for reading.