Hi there, This post is about a game called “Catan.”


This is the game board,This is how the game starts. When someone rolls the die and if your house/settlement is beside the number you get either grain, brick, ore, lumber, or wool.


These are the die.


These are the resource cards that you earn when someone rolls the die.


These are the development cards which you can buy if you have the resources.


This is the robber. This is how you get to move it, If you roll a seven or buy a special card you get to place the robber where ever you want. When you put the robber where someone is bordering it you get to take a card from them. If someone rolls the number the robber is on then they don’t get the resource.

That’s all folks

Thanks for reading:D:D




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    Hi Matthew. You know this grandma knows only Solitare. I enjoyed reading your notes about playing the game. I thought they were well written. Keep your blog going. Sure enjoyed my visit with you yesterday. Love, Grandma

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      Cool! Thanks for reading my post about River. 😀 Did you see the post about Lily’s birthday?

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          Cool. Not sure if I told you or not, but MASN returned my email and said congrats and they will send me the details later! I might get to meet Anthony Rendon or get a hair cut gift card.

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    Hey Matthew! Can you pass this message along to Maddie please: Hi Maddie! I was trying to look at your blog yesterday and it said ‘error establishing a database connection’. I cannot view your blog (that’s why I posted this on Matthew’s blog). I am not really sure what to do. Dad said it is a big problem. I don’t think anyone can view your blog. Anyway, I will see you Monday after school!!! 😀

    Thanks Matthew!!! 🙂

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        Thanks so much, Ender (is that how you spell it?)! It is sooooo weird calling you by a new nickname! BTW, I was able to get on Maddie’s blog so everything is ok now. We will not be able to play tomorrow. After Freddie’ s piano we are going to Charlottesville .

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    And thanks for checking out the new posts! Trin wants to have a blog (mostly posting just pics) so I let her do that post. As for the science experiment, that was pretty neat! The pics weren’t that good though. I took them on Mom’s phone bc my camera batteries died. It looked cooler for real. Anyway, thanks again and see ya in a couple weeks!


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      Actually, We aren’t leaving saturday because there is supposed to be a hurricane. We might not leave sunday either because of the same reason :(:(

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          Ok. Have fun!!!! No matter when you leave, I know that you’ll have a blast!!! Have a great day!

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    Hey! I have a question… What do you think your next post will be about? Will you have a post about the beach??? I was wondering if you would do a beach post. That would be neat!

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            Hahaha! Just now reading your reply, Matthew! Maaaaaadie… 😉 Trinity has a new post by the way. 🙂

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    Hey, can you give me an estimated time of when your next post will be out? I really enjoy reading your posts and I can not wait for the next post!

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