Maddox’s first word

This post will not have pics and the post will not be long.

Maddox said “dada” today while we were having breakfast. Mom was not down yet and when she found out she said “nooooooooooo” because she wanted Maddox to say “mama” first. I was sad/happy because I wanted Maddox to say “Matew” pronounced(ma-too) first. Micah was happy/sad also because he wanted him to say “Micah.” Maddie was sad /happy because she wanted Maddox to say sissy first.

This is the end of this post I just wanted to post about this:D:D


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    Neat! Let me know if he says anything else! Keep these posts going! I love reading them!!! Hey, check out Trin’s new blog at

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    Thanks for checking our Trin’s blog!

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        Thanks 🙂 Cool post! That is so cute! He should learn to say that 😉

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