Fantasy Baseball

This post is about fantasy baseball by Yahoo.

Here is the league that me, Maddie, Micah and Dad are in.

You can mock draft if you want which means you can practice drafting.


If you click it this comes up. You can press join to any one of the join buttons then you are in a mock draft. This kind of draft is a live standard draft which you take turns picking people until you have a full lineup plus five bench and seven pitchers.

This is an auction draft which you bid fake money for players. I don’t think it’s fun.


Here is my report card it tells you how good you do on mock drafts or real ones.

Here is my team


If you want to trade players you click my team on the top

Once you click my team you will see add player click it.

Then you will see a list of people. Those are the people you get by trade. There is a little green plus and hit it on the player that you want. I picked J.D. Martinez

Once you pick you player this will come up. Click the player you want to trade click the minus sign. I picked A.J. Pollock.

When you pick your player this will come up. Just hit Create claim to Add J.D. Martinez, Drop or lose A.J.Pollock at the bottom in blue.

Thank you for reading this post!

The pics were not he best quality because they were screen shots.










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    Awesome! That sounds like SO MUCH fun 😀😀😀 I would love to play that! 😉😉😉

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    Great job!! I like your new theme too! 😀

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