My moms 39th Birthday

August 23rd was my moms birthday!!  In the morning we made cards and mom opened them then we had blueberry pancakes ands regular pancakes with whipped cream and fresh dark honey. My grandparents came over we ate cupcakes and mixed nuts with a cup of sprite and mom opened her present in it was towels and wash clothes. When my grandparents left, we did a little school and later My mom said we could stop doing school and Maddie was in the middle of math when mom said that. After that, Dad took mom to a place to eat while Maddie baby sitted us. We watched star wars and had a dinner of chicken and hash browns and when mom came back at 10:00 mom said we had to go to bed.

Sorry there is no pics I do not have anything take take pics with except a computer.


Thanks for reading!!


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