Our family

Hi, my name is Matthew. I love the outdoors. My favorite thing to do outside is either playing baseball with my neighbors or playing in the water. My sisters name is Maddie. She likes playing with the neighbors too and she likes watching baseball. My brother name is Micah. He enjoys playing baseball with the neighbors and playing in the water. My other brothers name is Maddox, He loves to smile, eat and nap. My moms name is Stephanie. She loves to cook, go to the beach, and sleeping. My dog is named Phoebe. She enjoys napping, eating shoes, and chasing chickens. Last but not least, My dads name is Joey. He loves to play baseball with me and Micah and watch baseball. One thing we all have in common is that we all like the Braves baseball team:D:D

Here is a pic of Phoebe